4 Healthy Week Night Activities for you…and your Pet!

For both dogs and people, it’s never too early to start living a healthier life! While you sit at your desk for 8 hours on weekdays, your dog is also sitting a home. If you work a desk job, as much as you’re inactive during your workdays, so is your dog. Remember, your dogs depend on you to decide when it’s time to exercise. And for most of us, it’s a lot easier to come home and relax after a long work day than get moving!

As little as 30 minutes of exercise each day can greatly improve your quality of life and your dog’s too! Most everyone can spare half an hour each day after work to improve their health. Bringing your dog along keeps them active too. You can always do more for your health, especially when your dog’s health depends on it too.

dog resting on shoulder

1. Get Outside

Nothing can clear up a lousy day quiet like a healthy dose of fresh air. Instead of coming home just to sit on your couch for the rest of the night, grab Fido’s leash and go for a simple walk. Taking 30 minutes to move your muscles and clear your head can help relieve stress. Even better, if your dog has something like a canine heart murmur, regular, gentle movement helps keep their hearts healthy. Spending some time outside to exercise your dog not only keep their organs healthy but also prevent behavioral issues day-to-day.

2. Do More than Walk

If you’re just starting out, a regular evening walk for you and Fido might be just enough. But, if you’ve already established a walking routine, why not shake it up a little? Instead of walking for 30 minutes, try a light jog for 15. Work on your agility with Fido and walk on trails instead. Or, increase both of your endurance by walking hills. Pushing your routines a little further helps build muscle and strength for both of you! But, make sure you’re both healthy enough for more intense exercise before jumping in.

couple walking with their dog

3. Socialize

Having a group of close friends is great for your overall health. There’s really no exception for your pooches here. Although we don’t really know if dogs make or have friends, we do know that socialization is good for their health too. Setting up weekly playdates with your neighbor can be as simple as throwing balls for both of the dogs while you chat. If you really want to socialize, take a trip to your local dog park!

4. Join a Club

The last thing you want to do after a long day is pack up and go somewhere else. But, keeping yourself busy helps you avoid other bad habits – like sitting too long or snacking on junk food. Local pet stores, even chains like PetSmart or Petco offer obedience classes for dogs of all ages. Dropping your pooch off for training once a week can give you time to hit the gym or get some errands done after work. You can even participate in training classes, which can be a workout on their own!

Even the simplest things, like a 30 minute walk or a visit to their neighbor’s house, can help keep you and your dog active. You and your pooch’s heart health, physical health, and even mental health can benefit from a change of scenery and a little daily movement. Any behavior issues with your dog can be eliminated when you take a little time to exercise and bond. You’ll both be happy you did!