Outdoor Puppy-Proofing for Your New Friend

There are few things that are more exciting for the whole family than adding a new furry friend to your pack! A new puppy is full of promise Ė you get to choose the best breed for your lifestyle and raise them to be a happy member of your family. If you already have a dog (or two) a new puppy becomes a companion and life-long friend for everyone! When you bring a brand new puppy into the mix, you have to make sure their new environment is safe for their curious ways.

While puppy-proofing inside the home is a no-brainer for most people, spending time securing the backyard is often overlooked. Your new puppy will be spending as much time inside as outside, especially in the beginning. Trips outside will be frequent when youíre working on potty training and daily exercise. To make sure every trip outside is as safe as what is inside, there are a few things you can do to puppy-proof outside:

dog playing fetch with owner

Choose the Right Fence

Adding a fence to your backyard is one of the best ways to keep your pooches safe. A good fence keeps them safely in your yard, within sight of supervision, and can also keep any dangerous critters out. But, not all fences are best suited for your dogs. Puppies are naturally curious and will want to jump, dig, and explore. Make sure your fence is high enough, with no sharp edges or decorative spindles to hurt your pooch if they jump up. Also, ensure it is securely installed so your dog canít dig under the fence.

Consider a Dog Kennel

If youíre not totally comfortable with your fence alone, you should consider a dog kennel. Hand crafted dog kennels offer safety and stability for your pooch. You donít have to worry about your dog being confined to a small space with a well-built dog kennel. Outdoor kennels have plenty of room for your dog of move around and explore. Kennels also provide added protection Ė from the elements and other factors. These are a great option if you want to give your older pooch outside time without having to constantly monitor them.

Spend Some Time Tending to your Yard

Weíve already established that puppies, even adolescent dogs, are curious by nature. Just like babies, everything is new and exciting. Your new puppy wonít already know things like how power cords are dangerous to chew on and that chemicals are harmful to ingest. While you take care to hide cords and store household chemicals inside, you should do the same outside. Taking some time to weed your yard of harmful plants and fungus (like mushrooms) can help you avoid disaster with your new pooch.

girl sitting in grass with her dog

Store & Organize Your Outdoor Things

Finally, after your puppy grows up a little bit, youíll probably let them spend some time outside unsupervised. This is a great option to get them the exercise you need with a fenced in yard for safety. While you should never leave your dog outside for hours, a few minutes by themselves is usually ok if your yard is protected. Storing and organizing things like garden hoses, outside toys, and tempting lawn ornaments ensures thereís little to nothing your dog can get into. Put these things up and away while your eyes arenít on your pooch, or stick them in your garden shed for safe keeping. Youíll avoid damaged goods and make sure they arenít ingesting anything that could make them sick.