Tips for Booking a Pet-Friendly Hotel

When you travel for work, to see family, or just to explore, the last thing you want to do is leave your dog at home. For most trips, you’ll have to find acceptable boarding – or enlist the help of your family to watch your pooch while you’re gone. If you don’t get to spend a lot of time with your dogs while you’re working or traveling, it can be tough to leave them.

So if you have the opportunity to take them along, why wouldn’t you? Finding pet-friendly hotels that can accommodate you and your dog isn’t hard, but different rules and policies can be confusing. Here are a few things to look for when you’re booking a pet-friendly hotel:

Know the Rules vs. Rates

A search for a pet-friendly hotel can be frustrating. Hotels at destinations like the beach tend to increase pet rates during peak season – some don’t even allow pets during the busiest times of the year. Also, if you’re looking to stay in a busy metropolitan area, there may not be pet-friendly hotels centrally located in the city. For example, if you’re trying to stay in Downtown Lancaster PA, you might not find a lot of pet friendly hotels right in town.

hotel front desk

So when you do find a pet-friendly hotel, you need to go over their pet policies carefully before you book the room. Some hotels may sneak hidden fees into your total cost in the way of added fees and extra taxes. You also might be limited to certain rooms – if you need a specific bed size, make sure those rooms can have pets. Also, there might be fine print – like needing to put plastic on the carpet and furniture during your stay. It’s important to make sure you’re ok with the rules. This helps you avoid confusion and an uncomfortable stay.

It’s all about Location

We already mentioned that depending on your destination, it can be difficult to find a pet-friendly hotel within reason. The last thing you want to do is stay too far out of the city or away from your main event. This can make your vacation or trip more of a hassle than it needs to be. If you only get a vacation once a year, stressing out about your accommodations for you and your pooch isn’t ideal. After all, this trip is about the both of you – it needs to be right!

You also want to make sure your hotel of choice has surrounding pet-friendly areas. Bathroom break areas for your pet can be hard to come by in the city. Also, finding a hotel with good walking path options and pet-friendly attractions nearby will help keep you and your pooch active. If you’re not sure about green areas or walking trails for your dog, give the hotel a call. They should be able to give you all of this information.

Come Prepared

Finally, when you travel with your pet, you should always come prepared. Dogs can get upset or agitated in new environments – especially if you’re leaving them in the room alone. This is where a safe travel crate comes in handy. A crate acts as a safe, familiar environment for your pooch to relax inside. Adding a cozy blanket and a bone to keep them busy creates a comfortable place for your pet to unwind. They’ll be less likely to destroy things or cry when they feel secure – even in an unfamiliar place.

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Also, bringing a few gallons of filtered water along is never a bad idea. Just like humans, dogs can have sensitive systems. The tap water in every place and city is different. Even the smallest change can irritate your pooch’s system. To avoid a mess and an upset belly, give them filtered water while you’re staying somewhere new!