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A Closer Look at Pitbull Cropped Ears vs Natural Ones

A Closer Look at Pitbull Cropped Ears vs Natural Ones

Gone are the days when the Pitbull breed was considered aggressive. People thought that these puppies were just for fighting. But actually, they are not.

These tiny to medium-sized dogs are affectionate, faithful, energetic, and intelligent. They have prominent cheekbones with wedge-shaped, broad, and unique heads.

If you have a Pitbull dog, you must have heard of cropping Pitbull ears from your friends or colleagues. Before jumping to why do people crop Pitbull ears let’s understand the difference between Pitbull cropped ears vs natural

Pitbull Puppy Ears

Pitbull puppy ears

Pitbull canines have ears similar to Labrador or Greyhound puppies. They have an ear shape called the rosebud. They have drop ears that are naturally crumpled flaps. Their soft ears appear a little larger than their head.

When Pitbulls become adults their ears typically stand up and twist over the top.  The firmness and size of ears may vary among the breeds.

There is a part of every Pitbulls’ ear called the pinna. This part is made up of cartilage and wrapped with velvety skin. When you raise the ear flap you can see the ear canal of the dog.

This tube-like long-winded structure lies down to the eardrum. You can see only a small part of it.

Procedure of Ear-Cropping

Procedure of ear-cropping

When ear cropping is done by a professional he cuts the floppy part of the ear known as the pinna. It is cut to make the ears straight upwards.

After the pinna is cut, the ears are tied to a hard frame for some weeks. So they heal in a vertical position, accomplishing the goal.

It may take 4 to 8 weeks for a dog to heal from ear-cropping. During the healing process, bandages need to be changed after every 7 days.

The dog is restricted from swimming and bathing when his ears are clipped. He is also prohibited from doing other different activities during the first fourteen days.

It is also important to keep the cropped area clean. If there is blood or any other substance the chance of infection increases due to which the owner may need to go to the vet immediately.

The scabs on the ears are also required to be removed. If they reside on ears for a long period, they may hinder the ears from lifting.

During the procedure, you should take care of the dog’s diet as well. Feed him with essential nutrients in the form of favorite meals and delicious drinks.

In the underground world, people cut off the ears by using knives, scissors, and razor blades without providing any anesthesia. Ears cut in such an unprofessional way develop unevenly.

Sometimes, ears are slashed so near to the head that it causes extreme pain and continuous damage. Such dogs look like they do not even have ears.

When cropping is done unprofessionally there is a chance that ears do not stand upright after they heal. They drop and get back to their previous appearance.

Pitbull Cropped Ears Before And After

Curious about Pitbull cropped ears vs natural?  Well, this dog breed is divided into two types. One is with cropped ears and the other is not. The dog whose ears are not cropped has flabby ears. While the dog with cropped ears has pointy ears. 

It all depends on what people prefer. Some people know Pitbulls who are cuddly, joyful, and have floppy ears. On the other hand, some people like Pitbulls which have intimidating looks because of their alert pointing ears.

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Why Do People Crop Pitbull Ears?

Why do people crop Pitbull ears?

In the past, dogs’ ear-cropping was ordinary. Cropping Pitbull ears was a common practice. It was done to protect the pups from being bitten by opponents during dog fights. Today ear cropping of dogs is banned in many places.

People in today’s era crop Pitbull ears to make them appear brutal and tough. They do this to procreate the treachery of Pitbulls. There is no advantage to the dogs, cropping is done only for the accomplishment of personal desire.

When the ears of dogs are cropped they are recognized as more arrogant, more dominant, and less mischievous. They are considered less joyous than those dogs who have natural ears. 

Some Pitbull owners claim that they crop Pitbull’s ears to thwart ear infections and enhance dogs’ hearing. But it is not scientifically proven yet so they do this just for embellishing reasons. In addition, clipping gives pain and trauma, especially to young dogs.

Complications Of Cropping Pitbull Ears

Complications of cropping Pitbull ears

It is not advisable to crop Pitbull’s ears. Cropping Pitbull’s ears does not provide any benefits to them. This medical procedure is just needless. It can give pain to your furry friend and even harm him. 

Some people even traumatize their pups by having their surgery at a very young age which offends them physically as well as mentally.

When this surgical procedure is done it can give rise to many intricacies from anesthesia and thereafter. Moreover, if surgery is not done properly, it can cause damage to the dog for the whole life.

Another reason for which you should not crop Pitbull’s ears is that they use their ears to communicate with their keepers and other dogs. When they lose parts of their ears they may misunderstand things and fight every time.


You must have found out about the Pitbull cropped ears Vs natural. There is no doubt in saying that it is a painful process that can have physical and mental effects on your furry friend. It can even make them susceptible to health-related problems.  So the choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are There Any Specific Ear-Cropping Styles?

A: There are four main styles of ear-cropping. Number one is battle cropping. It is the shortest style of the clip. To achieve this style, the majority of the ear is removed due to which the dog becomes more vulnerable to debris invasion.
The second clip style is a short crop. It is the most dependable style for those who want erect ears.
The third one is the show crop. It is the most common style of cropping ears. This style is achieved especially for the dogs who have to perform in conformation shows. In this style 2/3rd of the ear is left after cropping.

The last style is known as a long crop in which ¾ of the ear is left after cropping. The ear becomes tall and looks similar to a Doberman Pinscher.

Q: What Is The Price Of Pitbull Ear Cropping?

A: Pitbull ear cropping can cost a minimum of 150 dollars to 600 dollars. It is a cosmetic procedure and the average price can be 250 dollars. Although you can find many unprofessional people who offer Pitbull ear cropping at cheaper rates, it is riskier so we do not recommend that.

Q: Where Is Ear Cropping Banned And Where It Is Allowed?

A: Ear cropping is not permitted in parts of Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. The places where it is common in the United States are Maine, Massachusetts, Washington State, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Illinois.