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Nervous About Getting A 2nd Dog

Nervous about getting a 2nd dog? You’re not alone! 

People are often nervous about getting a 2nd dog for their home. They may feel like they can’t handle the additional responsibility, or that they won’t have enough time to devote to two dogs. Additionally, many people worry that their first dog will feel left out or jealous if a new dog is brought into the home.

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Nervous About Getting A 2nd Dog

Get A Second Dog What Is A Good Age Gap

While there are some potential downsides to having multiple dogs in the home, there are also plenty of reasons why getting a 2nd dog can be a great decision. Here are 15 of them:

1. You’ll always have someone to play with – Dogs love companionship, and with two dogs in the home, you’ll always be with someone to play with.

2. Your dogs will keep each other company – If you’re gone all day at work, your dogs will be able to accompany each other. Their company can help reduce separation anxiety and make your time away from home more tolerable for them.

3. You’ll have backup when it comes to potty training – If one of your dogs is having trouble with potty training, the other dog can act as a backup until they get the hang of it.

4. Two dogs are better than one when it comes to guarding your home – A pair of dogs are much more likely to bark and raise the alarm when someone approaches your house than a single dog would be.

5. Dogs love companionship and need socialization – Dogs are social animals, and they need companionship both from humans and other dogs. Getting a 2nd dog can provide that socialization that dogs need.

6. You’ll have someone to help you when you’re not feeling well – If you’re not feeling well and can’t get up, your dog will be there to help keep you company.

7. Double the cuddles- Who doesn’t love getting hugged by a dog? With two dogs in the home, you’ll get double the cuddles!

8. Dogs can help reduce stress – According to studies, owning a dog can help reduce stress levels. What better way to relax than by coming home to two wagging tails?

9. You’ll have someone to help you get exercise – Both dogs will need plenty of exercise, and you’ll be more likely to stick to a regular walking routine if you have two dogs waiting for you at the end of it.

10. Dogs can help keep each other warm in cold weather – If your home isn’t heated well, your dogs will appreciate having each other to cuddle up with to stay warm.

11. They can help keep each other cool in hot weather – On the flip side, if your home is too hot in the summer, your dogs will appreciate having each other to lay next to stay cool.

12. Getting a 2nd dog can help reduce separation anxiety – If your first dog is experiencing separation anxiety when you’re not home, a second dog can help ease that anxiety.

13. You’ll have someone to help you with your housework – Two dogs means twice the opportunity to clean up after them!

14. Dogs are great for kids – Kids love having dogs around, and a second dog can provide even more opportunities for kids to learn how to care for and interact with animals.

15. Double the love! – Ultimately, the best reason to get a second dog is simply that you’ll be adding another member of your family. Dogs are amazing companions, and they’ll bring joy into your home that you never knew was possible.

19 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A 2nd dog 

Getting A Second Dog What Is A Good Age Gap

1. Do you have enough space for another pet? Dogs need plenty of room to run and play, so make sure you have a yard or some other outdoor space where your new pup can exercise.

2. Can you afford to care for another dog? The cost of food, vet bills, toys, and other supplies can add up quickly, so make sure you have enough money to cover everything. 

3. Who will be responsible for feeding and walking the dogs? It’s important to have a clear plan in place for who will handle these duties, or else things can quickly become chaotic. 

4. What will you do if both dogs start fighting? If you already have one dog, you know that squabbles are a fact of life. If you add another dog to the mix, there’s a good chance that fights will break out. Will you be able to separate them? 

5. What if one dog starts dominating the other? If one dog is much bigger or stronger than the other, it can be very difficult for the weaker pup to get along. You may need to take steps to ensure that the dominant dog doesn’t start ruling the household. 

6. What breed of dog should you get? Not all breeds of dogs are compatible, so make sure you choose a pup that will get along well with your current pet. 

7. How will you handle house training? Two puppies mean twice the messes to clean up! Make sure you have a plan in place for potty training and make sure you are patient. 

8. What if one dog starts getting sick more often? If one dog is constantly sick; it can be tough on the entire family. You may need to make some adjustments to your budget or daily routine to accommodate the extra medical care. 

9. How will you handle behavioral problems? If one dog is acting out, the other dogs in the house are likely to follow suit. You’ll need to be prepared to deal with any behaviors that may pop up. 

10. What if one of the dogs dies? Losing a pet is always difficult but very hard when you had them for a short time. 

11. What if you fail to keep the dog anymore? It’s always best to think about this possibility ahead of time, just in case something happens and you are not in a position to keep the dog anymore. Always have a backup plan in place, so the dog doesn’t end up in a shelter. 

12. How will you handle training two dogs at once? If one dog is already house trained, it can be tough to train another simultaneously. You need to be extra patient and consistent when training two dogs at once. 

13. What if one of the dogs is a senior? If one of the dogs is much older than the other, you will need to make sure you are ready for the extra care it takes. Senior dogs often require more frequent vet visits, and they can be more prone to health problems. 

14. What if one of the dogs is a puppy? Puppies are a lot of work! They require constant supervision, and you will need to housetrain them and teach them basic obedience commands. 

15. What if you get pregnant? A second dog can be a great addition to your family when you are pregnant, but make sure you have a plan to care for the dog when you fail to. 

16. What if the dog doesn’t get along with the baby? If the dog isn’t used to being around babies, it may start growling or even biting them. Be prepared to handle this behavior and ensure the baby is under supervision when around the dog. 

17. What if you have a busy lifestyle? A second dog can be a lot of work, especially if you fail to devote enough training and caring time. If you could not give your new pup the attention they need, you may want to reconsider getting another dog. 

18. Do you have enough room for another pet? Dogs need plenty of room to run and play, so make sure you have enough space in your home for another pet. 

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There is so much to think about getting a 2nd dog to your family! It can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.