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10 Best Dog Trainers in Brooklyn (2024 Listings)

8 of the Best Dog Trainers in Brooklyn featured image

The best dog trainers in Brooklyn are professional dogs enthusiasts who have worked with dogs all their life. A dog trainer’s sole aim is to nurture a healthy and loving relationship between parent and dog.

Then comes the certification procedure and skill acquisition. Schools, such as the eight featured below, provide a variety of unique programs to understand and improve the link between humans and canines.

If you live in Brooklyn, New York, here are 8 of the best dog training services to consider for your dog. 

The 10 Top Dog Trainers in Brooklyn

Instinct Dog Behavior and Training

Instinct Dog Behavior and Training was founded by New York couple Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser, who are now the Co-CEOs. Having four rescue dogs and a cat of their own, they understand that both dogs and people learn best when they are in a safe, supported, and comfortable environment. That is why their Instinct facilities were created by behavioral scientists to make them warm, inviting, and safe. Their training rooms include comfy furniture, artwork, treat jars and toy boxes to help you and your dog feel at home. 

Their teams are made up of certified and veterinary-recommended behavior consultants and some of the top dog trainers in Brooklyn and other areas. Instinct has locations in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon, and California. They have been featured in Rachel Ray magazine and the New York Times, and on Fox 5 New York, NBC Nightly News, and several other media outlets, making them one of the top dog trainers in Brooklyn, New York. 

Instinct’s areas of expertise include Behavior Therapy, Life Skills + Manners, Puppy Development, Adolescent Behavior Support, Senior Dog Behavior Support, Dog + Kid Safety, Veterinary Behavior Collaboration, and more. They offer Private Coaching, Camp + Coaching, Puppy Camp + Coaching, Home School + Coaching, Daycare for Behavioral Health, Boarding for Behavioral Health, and Group Learning.

Instinct can work with you and your dog, no matter the age, breed, or behavior issue. Their compassionate and skilled coaches offer gentle but effective methods to help you and your dog move into a calmer, more joyful life. They consider biological factors, individual traits, and life experiences that have made your dog unique. Their training plans for your dog will be catered and personalized to fit their distinct personality. 

You can contact them at:

181 E 11th Street

New York, NY 10029


Or connect via their website form to learn of other locations. 

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Dog Behaviorist

Dog Behaviorist Dominik Feichner is another on our list for excellent dog training in Brooklyn, NY. His goal is to help you achieve a healthy, balanced, and happy life with your dog through common sense, balanced dog training methods. He understands that there is more than one way to train a dog and that each one has individual needs that require different methods. 

Dominik uses both reward-based and aversion-based teaching to help train your pet, not to punish the dog, but to change its behavior. He does use leashes or e-collars to apply just enough pressure to refocus your dog’s attention back to you. Soon, your pet will understand that its choices can bring positive results, and will learn to change behavior based on choices. Dominik compares leash training in dogs to bridle and bit training in horses.

The Dog Behaviorist encourages play, uses reward-based training methods, and recall games, teaches boundaries, values praise, uses clickers, incorporates marker training, creates behavior with motivation and drive, and practices relaxation and calmness techniques. His main focus with these methods is to correct ignoring commands, jumping on people, dog on dog aggression, pulling against the leash, running away, resource guarding, prey drive that leads to chasing other animals, scavenging for food, and territorial aggression. 

Dominik offers:

  • Dog Obedience Training
  • Private Dog Training
  • Dog Leash Reactivity Training
  • Dog Socialization Training
  • Dog Potty Training
  • Dog Recall Training
  • Separation Anxiety Training
  • Off-Leash Training
  • In-Home Training
  • Behavioral Correction
  • And Puppy Basic Obedience

You can contact the Dog Behaviorist at:

86 Fleet Place

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Calm Energy Dog Training

The philosophy of Calm Energy Dog Training is that each and every dog is a good dog, and that every human should be inspired to be the leader of the pack. This business is run by a New York dog whisperer who was formerly a university professor and is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. 

Canine Behavior Expert Anthony Newman PhD is also a Cesar Milan Ambassador. He has been featured in New York Magazine, who named him “Best Dog Trainer” in 2013, as well as Huffington Post, Gawkers, and other media. Anthony is just one of the many trainers at Calm Energy.

They offer classes online via group Zoom meetings, private Zoom or Facetime classes, and in-person sessions in your home or at a park. Some of their services include:

  • Puppy Basic Obedience Training, 
  • Dog Aggression Training, 
  • Group Dog Training, 
  • Dog Behavioral Correction, 
  • Separation Anxiety Training, 
  • Off-Leash Training, 
  • Dog Potty Training, 
  • Recall Training, 
  • Leash Reactivity Training, 
  • Socialization Training, Basic Obedience for Dogs, and 
  • Private Dog Training.

Instead of an indoor-only training approach, Calm energy prefers to practice their uniquely effective and holistic training methods in parks, on leashed and unleashed walks, on busy streets, and in other “real-life” situations. They work with you to teach you how to communicate in your dog’s “innate physical and visual language” so that you can create a bond of trust, peacefulness, and calmness both at home and in public.

You will soon be able to practice such feats as safely walking your dog on a leash, calmly socializing at dog parks, good social manners, and mannerable greeting. You will also be able to teach your dog not to bark at doorbells, jump on guests, or show aggression to other dogs. The goal is not to punish your dog and lose its trust, but to use a calm approach to training that will only tighten your bond.

You can contact them at:


Or use their online web form

Bark Busters Home Dog Training

Bark Busters is considered to be a worldwide leader of in-home dog training, having trained over a million dogs in the last three decades. They use natural communication techniques that are easy for dogs to understand, so that you can effectively work with your pet. Using voice control and body language, Bark Busters shows you how to trigger your dog’s instinct to follow the pack leader – you!

Bark Busters has several local trainers who will work with you to build a bond with your pet and have the peaceful, happy life that you want with them. They are available in almost every state, and you can find a Bark Busters near you by simply typing in your zip code here. They offer such services as:

  • Puppy Basic Obedience Training
  • Dog Basic Obedience Training
  • Dog Aggression Training
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Dog Behavioral Correction
  • Separation Anxiety Training
  • Off-Leash Training
  • Dog Potty Training
  • Dog Recall Training
  • Leash Reactivity Training
  • Socialization
  • Private Dog Training and more.

Aside from dog training, Dog Busters also has a “Stand Rite No Bite” Dog Safety Program for service and delivery companies to help teach their employees to be safe around dogs. This service offers on-site and in-person employee training, and ongoing online training to help reduce the number of workplace injuries due to dogs. It is a great way to save your company cash on medical bills, time away from work, and worker’s comp payments. It also helps prevent harm to the dogs who they might encounter on the job. 

This program teaches:

  • Understanding how to safely enter an area where dogs are
  • Recognizing a dog’s sign of aggressive behavior
  • Understanding and applying communication techniques to calm the dog
  • Learning to avoid attacks
  • Dealing with dog owners
  • Mitigating or preventing injury of you are attacked by a dog

The Urban K-9 Academy

This Brooklyn-based dog training school provides various services, including group and private sessions. Urban K-9 helps pets and their owners improve their bonding through motivating training methods.

Dani Santzanella owns and operates this pet training center. During her 14-year career, she has coached hundreds of puppies and their owners. Dani began training in 2003 after witnessing a fantastic improvement in her pet’s overall behavior. 

Previously her husky tended to be hostile and used to unnecessary tug on the leash.

Her training services include behavior therapy, puppy grooming and training, etiquette coaching, house training, aggressiveness, and anxiety management.

You can schedule classes as per the available alternatives. You can either choose the day-boarding plan or the hourly session.

All pets must ideally have up-to-date immunizations. Contact Dani and her colleagues at Urban K-9 to learn more about their services and schedule an appointment. 

You can find this dog training institution at Carrol Street in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Dog Training Center

This excellent dog training institution is well-known for its high-quality dog training. The organization has a staff of skilled individuals that are well-trained in their field and strive to deliver the most pleasing results possible.

You may put your faith in this dog training facility since the organization never fails to meet its clients’ expectations. People from all around the city come here to train their pets and bring the necessary change in their behavior.

This fantastic location provides a variety of training opportunities essential to intermediate manners, such as puppy socialization, athletics, dog health, leash etiquette, and infant care, to name a few. 

All of these modules are included in the package. The Brooklyn Dog Training Center’s experts have over 65+ years of combined expertise. 

Your pet is bound to get a comprehensive and complete experience at this pet training center. Rates start at around $100, and the address is 213 21st Street, Brooklyn. 

Brooklyn Pup, Dog Training

This dog training facility uses science-based reinforcement to address any underlying behavioral issues. Brooklyn Pups provides a gratifying training experience that leads to long-term, positive development.

Sari Care found this pet training company out of her compassion for animals. A qualified dog trainer, Sari received her training at the Animal Behavior College and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

She also works as a rehabilitation trainer with Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Social Tees.

Brooklyn Pup provides several training choices, including group courses and personalized training. Basic pet manners, puppy kindergarten, advanced etiquette, and Tricks are among the lessons available.

The cost of a group class begins at $350. Private lessons include, among other things, behavior counseling, puppy primers, leash strolling, directives, and signals. Individual sessions range from $150 to $370.

You can contact the institution located at 239 Dekalb avenue to book your appointment today.

The Calm Energy Dog Training Facility

It is one of Brooklyn’s most well-known and prestigious dog training facilities. Cesar Millan Ambassador and Anthony Newman run the institution. 

They are both skilled in their jobs and have a track record of providing excellent customer service.

Calm energy will train your pets to be tranquil, gentle, and attentive around people. The specialists offer instruction in both private and group settings.

You may choose the training option based on the requirements and demands of the pet. You will find more data and recommendations regarding their services on their official website.

Prices for four weekly sessions begin at $255 and go up to $355 for private training. Anthony also provides phone or video sessions at a rate of $160 per hour.

The Pawmos Facility

Training at Pawmos will gradually develop a pleasant and harmonious bond with your furry companion

claims owner Gabriel. 

Gabriel Riesco, who grew up among dogs, created this institution.

Gabriel realized he had a natural capacity to help dogs with behavioral issues and decided to open a pet training center. At Pawmos, he also teaches a group of dog trainers.

Pawmos helps pet parents to communicate and interact with their dogs by using energy and chemistry. His training techniques are both gentle and effective. He educates pets and their owners about mannerisms, consciousness, and communication.

This dog center provides your canines with a beautiful environment to learn and play. Using positive reinforcement strategies, the trainers assist in developing positive communication between both dogs and parents.

This company’s offerings include training courses, daily instruction, day boarding, private tutoring, and training workshops. The organization specializes in dogs who bite or are hostile to strangers.

Basic obedience, socialization, and anxiety control are other available training choices.

All pets are required to be completely immunized. You can make an appointment at Pawmos to learn more about this training program. The program begins at the cost of $70 for each visit. The cost of various training sessions varies depending on what the trainer is needed to do. A private session costs roughly $255 for two hours.

The address is 121 Fifth Avenue, Suite 117.

The Dog Training Center of Dominik Feichtner, Brooklyn

Dominik is an expert dog behaviorist who helps Brooklyn parents live happy lives with their dogs. He believes in utilizing a simple and moderate approach to training and resolving behavioral issues with his clientele.

Before discovering his real interest, this well-trained dog behaviorist started his professional life as a dog walker. Dominik enjoys assisting parents with their dog issues and training them to care for their pets in the right way. He specializes in behavior modification and works with pets of all sizes and kinds.

The puppies package starts at $850 and encompasses basic manners, proper socialization, leash training, correct nutrition, and kennel training. At $450, the Bronze package covers basic issues such as leash tugging, growling, and viciousness.

Dominik also nurses pets suffering from behavior training, crate training problems, obedience issues for $750, and significant issues including aggressiveness, fear, and extreme separation anxiety for $1000. All pets are required to have up-to-date immunization certificates.

You can find this facility at 186 Lenox Road.


That’s our list of the best dog trainers in Brooklyn. Hopefully, this article will help you find a dog trainer in Brooklyn, NY or the surrounding areas that is the perfect fit for you and your pet. Please feel free to browse our site for more helpful information and tips about your dog’s health and well-being!

Whether your dog requires obedience training or assistance with particular behaviors, such as toilet training or gnawing, this guide has got you covered. 

Are you ready to enhance the qualities of your furry friend? Then, begin your search for the ideal dog trainer for your pet today!