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Puppy Rescue in the Wisconsin Area (2024 Listings)

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Looking for a puppy rescue in the Wisconsin area can be a bit scary without first doing some research. You want to make sure that you choose the right pet for your home and family, but a simple search for “puppy rescue near me in Wisconsin” can give you an overwhelming number of results. We’ve compiled a list to help simplify things. Let’s look at some of the top puppy rescues in Wisconsin.

Fetch Wisconsin Rescue

While Fetch Wisconsin Rescue has much more going on than just rescuing puppies in Wisconsin, it is a great place to start looking for your next forever furbaby. They are a non-profit rescue that takes the time to get to know each animal they bring in to match the pet with the right owner, and they will take the time to get to know you as well. 

Since 2013, they’ve rescued over 3000 dogs and worked to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted canines and help them become confident and friendly pets for their future owners. They have the experience needed to be a top puppy rescue in Wisconsin. 

Fetch offers such services as fostering, adopting, surrendering, and volunteering to try and give these dogs the best chance at a new life. Working to be the best puppy rescue in Wisconsin, they partner with Madison Veterinary Specialists, VCA Veterinary Emergency Services, Enlightened K9 Training, Earthwise Pet Supply and Grooming, and several other organizations in order to get these animals the attention they need.

You must be 21 years of age to adopt. Once approved, you will need to commit to an hour a week for 6 to 8 weeks for a post-adoption course. Before completion of their adoptions, all dogs are spayed or neutered, microchipped, tested for diseases or parasites, and vaccinated. 

Once your adoption application has been processed, Fetch will send a volunteer for a home visit at your residence. Usually, within two weeks, you will be evaluated for the dog you chose and other dogs that match your lifestyle and home. 

After completing your home visit, your application goes to foster dog families to help determine which pets would be compatible. Once a foster family picks you as a potential match, you will meet and greet with the dog. A 24 hour waiting period afterward can help both the foster and adoptive families be sure of their decision. From there, your future pup awaits!

Wisconsin Humane Society

Founded in 1879, this was one top puppy rescue in Wisconsin that we couldn’t leave off our list. Of course, they take care of much more than puppies and give over 40.000 animals a second chance at life each year. They are entirely nonprofit and receive no government funding. Their adoption fees are dependent on many factors, such as age, breed, etc. 

Wisconsin Humane Society features a comprehensive adoption program that helps to match thousands of animals with new families. They do not have time or space limits on any of the animals in their adoption program. WHS also offers affordable spaying and neutering, a pet food bank, youth programs for volunteers, outreach programs, foster programs, and dog training classes, making them another best puppy rescue in Wisconsin.

JR’s Pups-N-Stuff Dog Rescue

When it comes to rescuing puppies in Wisconsin, JR’s Pups-N-Stuff doesn’t play around. Parents of foster dogs joined together to form Jr’s Pups-N-Stuff. They began with two volunteers who drove all night long to the border of Kentucky and Tennessee just to save two mama dogs with their puppies. Since that first adoption, they’ve rehomed over 10,000 dogs.

To adopt from this top puppy rescue in Wisconsin, you have to be at least 21 have approval from all other adults who live in your household. If you are a renter, you must submit your landlord’s name and phone number.

Puppies under the age of six months old will not be adopted out to homes with children under eight years old, and adopters who are over 71 can only adopt dogs who are at least 18 months old. No dogs are ever shipped from JR’s, and you must travel to the foster home to meet your potential pooch. 

Background checks are done on all prospective adopters and household members above the age of 18. They will contact landlords to ensure that pets are allowed and, if so, what restrictions may be in place. They will also call your veterinarian to ensure that you have been up to date with former or current pets. 

Once your application has been accepted, volunteers from JRs will perform a home visit. Any household member and current pets should be present. The visits take around an hour and help the volunteers to decide which dogs would best fit in your home. You should hear back within two days. 

After approval, you can go to the website and browse available pets to decide which one(s) you may find of interest. When you travel to meet the dog in its foster home, you must bring all family members, including dogs.

Your approval is valid for a year if you remain at the same address and don’t add any new family members (including pets.) There is no need to rush; it is essential to take your time in choosing the best pet for your family. Adoption fees for dogs vary and are listed on each pet’s page, and they seem to start in the $300 range.

As you can see, they go to great lengths to ensure they place each dog with the optimal family for their particular needs. It sounds like an exhaustive process, but the care that they take with rehoming their pets is what makes them one of the best puppy rescues in Wisconsin.

Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue

This is another site that may show up when you search “puppy rescue near me in Wisconsin.” Like many others, Tiny Paws is a totally foster-based rescue with no physical address. This means that to meet the puppies, you will need to visit them in their foster home. 

Those who are interested in adopting from Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue can start by visiting their “Our Dogs” page and looking through the adorable pets that they have available. The page shows individual fosters, and you will coordinate with them in your conversations on how to adopt the dog that has piqued your interest. The fosters will set up your meet and greet visits and walk you through the adoption process.

Tiny Paws is another nonprofit rescue dedicated to helping dogs who have, for whatever reason, ended up without a home. Their services are based on the idea that every dog should have the chance to flourish in a loving environment. Adoption fees vary from $300 to $650, according to breed, etc.

Underdog Pet Rescue

After spending a decade volunteering at several humane organizations across the state, Lauren Brinkman founded Underdog Pet Rescue in 2012. Because of her genuine concern for animals, she created it to be both a rescue and vet clinic that could take in even the most desperate animals.

Since then, she has led Underdog in its growth to save thousands of pets. Underdog has a network of over 150 foster homes to help animals before, during, and after they have been adopted. You can look over their available pets on the Adopt page. 

You will need to fill out an application, but there is no fee to apply. Within a week, Underdog will contact you. If you are approved, the foster family of the dog that you’re interested in will give you a call to discuss more about the pet and answer your questions.

If you are still interested in the pet, they will schedule a meet and greet for a time and place that is convenient to both you and the foster family. Fees are due upon adoption; $375 for a puppy under five months old, $300 for an adult dog, and $250 for senior dogs. 

All dogs adopted from Underdog will have been spayed or neutered and be fully vaccinated. Microchip, deworming, heartworm and flea and tick prevention, and any other necessary medical care is also included in the adoption price. A complimentary blood panel is included for senior dogs.

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Fluffy Dog Rescue

Fluffy Dog Rescue is based in Hartland, WI, but works online via Petfinder. Like many other rescues, Fluffy Dog uses foster homes to save dogs from kill shelters, etc. Since 2005, Fluffy dog has helped to connect pets with those who are looking to adopt them.

You can visit Fluffy Dog Rescue to browse through the pets that they have available. You must be 24 to adopt. They will ask your current and former veterinarians to present your vet history for current and former pets, and a $75 deposit is needed if your application is accepted. A home visit is required so that they can match you with a pet that will fit your family.

If this step of the process goes well, you will receive instructions on contacting the foster home where your potential pet is residing. From there, you can set up a time to meet with them, meet the dog, and discuss further steps. Keep in mind that someone else could adopt the dog you chose before you have completed the process. Fluffy Pet will set you up with another potential match if that happens.

Saving Paws Animal Rescue

A group of highly dedicated volunteers runs the Saving Paws Animal Rescue, making it possible for this nonprofit to keep a no-kill status. The volunteers at Saving Paws believe that all animals deserve a chance to find their forever home, and they provide these animals with love, care, and support until those homes are found.

Like other animal rescues, Saving Paws works with you to set up a meet and greet with potential pets and help match you with a pet that fits your family situation. The adoption fee for puppies under a year old is $400, for adult dogs to six years old is $325, and for senior dogs over seven, the price is $150.


There are many top puppy rescues in Wisconsin, some with physical addresses and others that are set up online and work via a system of foster homes. Adoption fees vary, but many have adoptable puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs available.