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5 Top Dog Trainers in Miami, Florida (2024 Best Rated)

5 Top Dog Trainers in Miami, Florida featured image

If you have found yourself on a search to find a dog trainer in Miami, FL, you aren’t alone. In fact, a simple online search for “dog training Miami’ can yield hundreds of results within seconds. Does it feel a bit overwhelming? No worries, we’ve got you!  Have a look at our list of the best dog trainers in Miami, Florida.

One Paw Forward

One Paw Forward has made our list of the top dog trainers in Miami, Florida because they use positive reinforcement training only. Most dogs learn best not by being “punished” for bad behavior but rather by being rewarded for good behavior. This style of training has been shown to be much healthier for the dog and produce much better results. 

For those who have pups that just can’t seem to stop nipping, chewing, or biting, One Paw forward may be just what you’re looking for.  They offer many services for those who are searching for “dog training near me in Miami,” including:

  • Dog Aggression Training
  • Private Dog Training
  • Dog Behavioral Correction
  • Dog Socialization Training
  • Dog Leash Reactivity Training
  • Dog Recall Training
  • Dog Potty Training
  • Dog Off-Leash Training
  • Dog Separation Anxiety Training
  • Dog Board and Train Boot Camp Programs
  • In-Home Dog Training
  • Dog Basic Obedience Training, and
  • Puppy Basic Obedience Training

One Paw Forward is an animal behavior college with a certified dog trainer who will work with you and your dog to help correct your puppy’s disobedience issues. Not only will your dog be trained via positive reinforcement, but you will also be given the tools and techniques to learn how to correct your dog yourself. They have a five-star rating on Yelp.

If you choose One Paw Forward, one of the top dog trainers in Miami, Florida, you will get one free consultation, during which they will assess your dog to learn what behavior issues may be present. They will also discuss with you what you want and expect from their training sessions with your pet. 

You will then schedule one-hour meetings, once a week, after which your dog should have all of the basic training needed to live in a peaceful home. Up to two additional sessions will be provided free of charge if more training is required. 

Their basic training sessions include simple “sit, stay, down, wait” commands, proper walking on a leash, crate training, housebreaking, and behavior modification training for such issues as excessive chewing, nipping, biting, barking, jumping, and aggression. Dogs are also taught how to properly greet visitors. 

A free follow-up appointment is scheduled for a month after training has ceased, just to check in and see how your dog has implemented the training at home. This is one of the reasons we chose them as one of the best dog trainers in Miama, Florida. 

In Miami, you can reach them at:


In Orlando:


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PlayTrain Positive Dog Training Inc.

Next on our quest to help you find a dog trainer in Miami, FL is PlayTrain Positive Dog Training. PlayTrain is owned and operated by certified, professional women who offer customized solutions to dog training that is available by appointment, remotely, or with online classes.They blend impulse control training with enrichment, exercise, and playing training to bring you a plan that is customized just for your pet. 

Susan Claire of PlayTrain explains how her decision to do “crossover training” started back in 1993 with a rowdy puppy of her own. Susan took her beloved pet to competition obedience classes and was shocked at the harshness involved in dog training at the time. 

She felt that although they were meeting their training goals with their dogs, they were also causing the dogs unnessary pain, ruining the dogs’ temperaments, and eroding the bond between pet and owner. .

Susan decided to study more about positive training and the less-harsh ways of teaching pets how to behave correctly. She is available to present speeches to staff on various subjects connected to dog training. Aside from Susan’s public speaking, PlayTrain also offers In-Home Training, Puppy Kindergarten, Group Training Classes, and Advanced Training. 

Their in-home training sessions bring personalized training right to your door. Customized for your family’s needs, home training allows training for your entire family, along with any pets in the home. One private session in a busy, public place is also available with this package.

Puppy Kindergarten is a 4-week class for puppies aged 9 to 20 weeks old. With early socialization and training, you can fend off behavior issues before they even begin, and all for just $90. Puppies must be up to date on vaccines.

Group training is a 5-week class held on Saturdays at Markham Park. All dogs must be preregistered. Many aspects of positive behavior training will be impletemented in this class, for $175. It is for dogs of any age.

Advanced, private training is also available for clients who want extra time and attention for their pups. These classes are more fitted to therapy dogs than the family pet, and offer various skills such as off-leash work, hand signals, distance work, distracted long stays, and more. Call for pricing for this dog training, Miami!

You can reach this 5-star-rated dog training service at:


The Miami Dog Whisperer

The Miami Dog Whisperer is a bit different than others in a number of ways. When you choose this business, your dog will be trained by Master Dog Trainer and Behavior Expert Richard Heinze himself. He is the winner of Best Dog Trainer and Best Dog Training Company for 6 years in a row, along with awards from YouTube, etc. He isn’t only for those searching, “dog trainer near me in Miami,” but for practically anyone, anywhere.

Their training classes are not only available to those in the Miami area, but are also made accessable to people from all over the county via Skype or WhatsApp online lessons and YouTube video training courses. Their most popular choice for local and out of town clients is the 5 Day Intensive Dog Training Program, which promises “fast and easy results.” 

You and your dog will get the chance to work with Heinz in person, 2 hours a day for 5 days. This class is available for dogs of all breeds, all ages, and with any behaviour issue. 

The Miami Dog Whisperer also offers puppy training, manners training, intermediate obedience, advanced obedience, aggression, behavior modification, service dog training with certificate, specialized training, and a certification course for Master dog Trainer. They work on training in going to bed, finish, heel, come, sit/stay, down/stay, protection training, protection training, and fixing dog aggression.

The Miami Dog Whisperer takes most major credit cards and PayPal. You can reach them by phone at (786) 238-662, by email at, or through the Contact form on their website.

Applause Your Paws

Applause Your Paws professional dog and puppy training in Miami, Florida is dedicated to helping you learn to have an enjoyable connection with your pet. They do this by providing positive education that is engaging and humane. Their training is never intimidating for your pet, but is instead meant to be a happy learning experience that will give you the well-behaved dog you’ve always wanted.

Applause Your Paws offers several different options, including private lessons for $149 an hour that are created to teach you and your entire family how to work with your dog. These sessions are personalized and customized to fit your family’s needs and schedules. They will bring these lessons to you anywhere within Miami-Dade county.

AYP also offers group classes for $199. This covers a 5 week course that is designed to provide hands-on training for you and your dog within a group setting. This helps your dog learn to behave amidst distractions. 

For their “fastest and most reliable result, you can choose their two-week bootcamp, which starts out at $2399. This is a great option for those whose schedules don’t allow them the time need to put in the hours for other training options. AYP says that they will “do the hard work for you.”

You might also choose their day school, which starts at $399 for one week. You can drop your dog off before work, and pick them up after; a good choice for those who don’t want to pay for the entire bootcamp, but don’t have the time to interact in training classes.

AYP promises that they have a training program that will fit with any budget, timeline, and training goal. They train any breed of dog of any age, for any type of human, whether you’re a single person training a puppy, a busy exec, or an entire family. 

You can reach them at:


4423 SW 74th Ave.

Miami, Florida 33155



5149 NE 12th Ave.

Oakland Park, FL


Email at

Phone: 786-529-7833

Miami Pet Concierge

Our last option features more than just pet training, but also offers dog walking, pet sitting, cat care, puppy training, and more right in the comfort of your home. All of their pet sitters and trainers are certified in pet CPR and First Aid with PetProHero. They are licensed, bonded, and insured.

They offer services such as doggy day care, litter box cleaning, overnight, in-home dog or cat sitting, pet boarding, pet drop off and pickup services, socialization, house sitting, meet and greets, dog walking, doggy play groups, feeding and watering, administering meds, and small animal sitting. They will even check your mail, adjust your lights, curtains, and shades, and care for your plants while you’re away!

Their puppy training is focused on building the bond between you and your dog. They offer one-on-one training as well as boarding and training to give your pup the best chance at quality teaching. Their in-home private lessons are great for beginners or for continued training, and they offer the same lessons for boarded pups if that better fits your needs.

Instead of focusing on a one-size-fits-all type of training agenda, Miami Pet Concierge gets to know your dog so that they can offer a personalized lesson plan made to fit with your pup’s personality. They will work on things like building confidence, socilaization on and off the leash, and more.

You can reach them at:



Well, that’s our list for those looking to find a dog trainer in Miami, FL. We hope this helps you to locate quality training for your pup and your family!