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10 Best Dog Trainers in San Francisco, CA

10 Best Dog Trainers in San Francisco, CA

Training is significant for both your furry friend’s physical and mental fitness. We have gathered the 10 best dog trainers in San Francisco, CA who are always passionate about training your dog.

1. City Pups SF

1.  City Pups SF

City Pups SF provides a facility of in-home training programs during the workweek. They assist the pups and their owners in San Francisco, CA with behavioral and obedience training.

City Pups SF has experience in training dogs for more than a decade.

The trainer Josh is a graduate of Dog Training Internship Academy. He is certified for Professional Dog Trainers from the Certification Council.

Specific pieces of training that include basic manners, impulse workout, and leash reactivity are available.

The 6-week program is available to you at $2400, while the 4-week program is relatively cheaper. You can get it for $1700.

2. Top Dog SF

2. Top Dog SF

Top Dog SF should be your top priority if you are looking for high-quality services. It has been giving training services to pooches for more than 16 years all across San Francisco.

Its services include puppy training, private training, and dog walking. they also have daycare opportunities for your dog or puppy as well at Top Dog SF.

The caregivers and trainers who work here are educated in dog behavior and CPR certified.

The in-home consultation for younger dogs is available at $175. There is a 4-week, 5-day training project which you can get for your furry friends at $2000 ($100 per day). You also have 4-day and 3-day options in this program.

Private consultation is available for 3-4 weeks with 3x weekly sessions. Those who want private training for their canines

You also have the facility of additional services. So contact Top Dog SF now to get the best dog trainers in San Francisco.

3. Lupa K9 Dog Training

3. Lupa K9 dog training

Lupa K9 proposes coaching and rehabilitation throughout the Bay Area. You will see a salient change in your dog’s relationship with you after the training sessions are finished.

Regardless of what dog breed you have and what personality he possesses, Lupa K9 has solutions to real-world circumstances that make your dog ready to deal with different challenges.

The coaching services involve total recall, basic obedience, covering potty training, puppy basics, and many more. Obedience training includes basic manners, loose leash walking, verbal commands, and other services.

There is also a training plan called behavior transformation. It handles the aggression of puppies like chihuahua towards other dogs and humans, resource shielding, divergence anxiety, leash reactivity, and more.

Caroline is a professional behaviorist, dog trainer, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

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4. The Pooch Coach

4. The Pooch Coach

The Pooch Coach is determined to assist dogs in rehabilitation. It was founded by Beverly (The Pooch Coach), who has been working with dogs for a long time. She is educated in canine training and animal behavior.

Beverly is a part of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Her work with 3000+ dogs just proves her dedication to her craft.

The collection of services at The Pooch Coach includes puppy training, resource guarding, aggression training, special training for Pitbulls, training for shyness, training for obedience, training for coping with separation anxiety and fear, and many more.

5. Koru K9 Dog Training And Rehabilitation

The Koru K9 team has experts that can help dogs with behavioral issues. Their staff all have outstanding resumes and dominant backgrounds as dog behaviorists and trainers.

Koru K9 Dog Training and Rehabilitation offers in-home training that helps your dog with food guarding, territorial behavior, human aggression, leash reactivity, off-leash obedience, aggression towards other dogs, fear, and separation anxiety.

They also offer board-and-train packages and puppy training. The team is always ready to welcome you and your dog.

6. SF Puppy Prep

6. SF Puppy Prep

Do not be mistaken by the name SF Puppy Prep. It offers to coach puppies and manages to train older dogs.

The owner of SF Puppy Prep is a graduate of the Jean Donaldson Academy for Dog Trainers with honors. Mac has many years of experience, especially dealing with aggression/fear in dogs and puppy development.

In-home training is also obtainable. It includes training for socialization, basic manners, behavioral concerns, and puppy issues. Private lessons and training classes for adult dogs are also offered.

There is a four-week day school training attainable for pups. Training for 5 days a week costs $2150, and the training for 3 days a week is offered at $1470.

7. SmartyPup

7. SmartyPup

SmartyPup makes itself on the top of the list among the best dog trainers in San Francisco. It has been training canines for more than 30 years.

The owner of SmartyPup is Fawn Pierre, a professional trainer with 25+ years of experience.

The cost for five weeks with one hour of class per week is $275. Obedience classes cost $40, covering loose leash walking, focus, attention, verbal commands, and more.

8. Dan Perata

8. Dan Perata

Dan Perata provides young and old canines training throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The canine behavior specialist and professional dog trainer Dan has experience of more than 30 years in coaching dogs and their owners.

Dan helps in dealing with behavioral problems in dogs in private training sessions.

Each service of Dan Perata is organized to suit the solitary requirements of every pooch. So there are no fixed prices.

The expense of every program varies according to the requested assistance and needs of the dog. Board-and-train services and puppy training.

9. Better Nature Dog Trainer

9. Better Nature dog trainer

A Better Nature Dog Trainer can help your dog become the best version of himself.

Jeff is a certified behavioral and trainer consultant through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. He is experienced in behavioral problems.

There is a facility for in-home training for different behaviors such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, jumping on people, aggression, leash pulling, and reactivity.

You can also get training for your puppies. This training covers biting/chewing, potty training, housebreaking, and digging.

10.  Refined K-9

10.  Refined K-9

Refined K-9 rehabilitation and training propose a behavioral improvement for dogs and personalized training for puppies.

Jose Moreno is a trainer and behaviorist. He is a graduate of the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers and Animal Behavior College.

Puppy training and private training are also offered. The problem demeanors are addressed, including biting, jumping, excessive barking, nipping, non-aggressive fearful behavior, and many more.

Refined K-9 also provides basic obedience and behavior training, including crate training, verbal commands, environmental susceptibility, etc.


The trainers mentioned above are the best dog trainers in San Francisco. You can schedule a call right now and avail the training services for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Are Training Classes For Dogs Worth It?

A: Training classes bring confidence in canines.

Q: What Age is Best to Start Training a Puppy?

The ideal age to start puppy training is 7 to 8 weeks.

Q: How Much Does The Koru K9 Training Fee Start From?

A: The price starts from $7315 for Hybrid Training Programs.