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Why Does My Dog Lay On Me? Should I Groom Him?


Do you have a dog that is always sitting on you? Is your dog always laying on you? Do you want to know; Why does my dog lay on me? If so, your dog may be trying to tell you something. There are many reasons why a dog would sit on your lap, or lay with their head in your lap.

You may have a dominant dog that is trying to tell you he is in charge. There are times when this behavior can be acceptable, but if your dog is not being submissive, and is showing signs of aggression when trying to lay on you, this may be an issue.

You also may have an insecure dog that sits or lays on you to show his need for affection. This could be a sign of dominance, but could also be a way for your dog to feel more secure in a strange place or environment.

Plus there are several other reasons why a dog may sit on you, or lay in your lap. In this article, we will discuss the reasons dogs lay on you, and if you should groom your dog.

Why Does My Dog Lay on Me?

Why does my dog lay on me?

Dogs, like humans, typically want to be as comfortable as possible. However, there are multiple reasons your dog may be laying on top of you. Dogs can become accustomed to being in close proximity to their owners and are simply seeking comfort and warmth.

Additionally, dogs may seek out the owner’s attention by physically getting closer to them. The need for attention can be especially strong in dogs that are left alone all day while their owners are at work.

Finally, some dogs may be seeking a sense of security by laying on top of their owners. This is especially true if they have been in a new home or if there have been changes in the household.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Lays On Top Of You

Don’t you love it when your dog decides to jump or lie on top of you, even when there is plenty of room available in other places? The answer is probably no, but there are some interesting psychological reasons why dogs do this.

1. Your Dog Is Protective Of You

1. Your dog is protective of you

The first reason why your dog might jump on top of you is that he wants to protect you. Some dogs have been bred to be protective, such as guard dogs or police dogs. These dogs will do anything to protect their owners and they are not afraid of much.

When a dog is on top of you, it makes him feel like he can take care of you better and that he has a better overview of the surroundings. It is an instinctive behavior in some breeds and something that has been developed over the years.

2. Your Dog is Excited

2. Your dog is excited

When your dog jumps on top of you, it might be because he is so excited that he cannot control himself anymore. You see, dogs are very emotional animals and they will often show their emotions by jumping around. Some dogs jump because they are happy to see you and others jump when they are sad or angry.

A good example of this is a dog that jumps on top of you when you come home from work after a long day at work. The dog is happy to see you, but the jumping shows that he is so excited that he cannot control himself anymore.

3. Your Dog is Dominant

our dog is dominant

If your dog jumps on top of you in order to show dominance, then this is a big problem and you need to address it as soon as possible. This type of behavior usually stems from a lack of training or lack of leadership on your part. You must make sure that your dog knows who the leader is in the pack and if he doesn’t know, then you need to show him.

This is where training comes in handy. There are some basic obedience commands that you should be able to teach your dog and if he knows these, then he will know who the leader is.

4. You Are Comfortable And Warm For Your Dog

4. Your are comfortable and warm for your dog

Just like you, your dog needs to sleep in a comfortable and warm place. An ideal place for your dog is somewhere warm, dry, and out of the way.

Pack some thick blankets for him and make his bed near the fireplace or radiator. A basement is also a great place for them especially if it’s cold outside. If you want to keep your dog in a bedroom, put his bed in front of the heater. Be sure to keep him well-fed and hydrated during this period as well.

Make sure that you take care of them first before you worry about yourself. Once you have your pet safe and sound, then you can think about taking care of yourself. Make sure that you pack some blankets and pillows for yourself as well. The space heater will also be very useful during this time. It’s best to stay warm than cold when it comes to the flu.

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5. Your Dog Wants Something From You

5. Your dog wants something from you

Your dog is up to something. You know that because you’ve seen him staring at you for the last hour. He wants something from you and he’s letting you know about it in his own special way. Here are 5 signs your dog wants something from you and what to do about each of them.

  1. He’s standing on your chair
  2. He’s barking at you
  3. He’s following you around the house
  4. He’s nudging your leg with his nose
  5. He’s looking at you while licking his lips

6. Your Dog Wants To Play A Game

It could be any number of things, but whatever it is, your dog wants to play a game with you and he’s letting you know about it in his own special way. You can ignore it, or you can start playing a game with him. It’s up to you!

But you’ll never know what he’s trying to tell you if you don’t learn how to read dog body language. So why not get started today? Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Being Aggressive Or Not?

If your dog is standing tall and staring at you, then it’s probably a good idea to back off. He’s showing signs of aggression and he might bite you if you continue to approach him. However, if your dog is sitting down and his tail is wagging, then he’s most likely just playing around with you.

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Dominant Or Not?

It’s easy to tell if your dog is dominant by looking at the other dogs around him. If he’s surrounded by other dogs and they all look afraid of him, then you know that he’s the dominant one.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Being Dominant?

If your dog is acting like a bully, then you need to teach him that he’s not the alpha male. You can accomplish this by staying calmer and more assertive or setting rules and boundaries to train them.

When My Dog Lay On Me, It Hurts. What Should I Do?

You should get a large dog bed and let your dog lay on that instead of you. This way, he’ll be able to lay on you without hurting you.


Even though your dog may be a furry little angel, he can still get into some mischief. While it is important to groom your dog every now and then, you should avoid grooming habits that could potentially hurt him. If you want to learn more about caring for dogs, make sure to check out our blog today!