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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? 5 Fascinating Facts

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? 5 Fascinating Facts

If you’re a dog owner, your life must be filled with all sorts of different, weird, happy, and questionable moments. As a dog owner, there are times you look at what they are doing and be like, WHY? Luckily, there are ways to stop all these actions. All you have to do is understand what your cute little buddy is trying to tell you and then work on it. For example, if you ever find yourself asking the question, why is my dog suddenly sleeping under the bed? Instead of being impatient, observe his actions and try to find out why he does that.

The fact that you can’t understand dogs just makes the whole thing worse. Some things can help in indicating what your dog wants. But the first thing you’ll need to do is observe. You have to observe your dog’s actions to find out why it is acting that way. Only then you can find the problem, as well as the solution, to put an end to that situation.

Dogs Hiding Under Bed: Main Reasons

Dogs hiding under bed: main reasons

If you’ve had a pet dog for a while now, you must’ve noticed how dogs often sleep under beds, and whenever you encounter such an act, you can’t help but ask yourself, why does my dog sleep under my bed? There are many reasons as to why your little buddy will do such a thing, some of them are mentioned below to help you get the idea:

1. Dog Psychology

1. Dog psychology

Even though dogs are domesticated, some wolf instincts remain in them. And you can catch a glimpse of these instincts in some daily activities of your pet dog. If you’re familiar with the natural habitat of wolves, you must know that wolves use dens (closed space/space with a roof) to keep their pups safe, but at the same time, they don’t use such spaces as permanent shelter. Another reason they use such spaces is to protect themselves from bad weather.

In much simpler words, wolves aren’t that much of a den animal but they do use such spaces for protection. Most bitches also make dens for their puppies. So if you’re ever wondering, why does my dog go under my bed? Remember that a dog hiding under the bed is normal.

2. Stressful Environment

2. Stressful environment

As you already know, dogs have the emotional capacity of a toddler. They feel certain things that humans don’t even notice, and you never know if the environment your dog is being raised in is healthy or not. That is why it is always important to observe every small thing, any change of behavior, or any sudden change of environment.

When dogs are stressed, they like to sleep under the bed, or dank spaces to feel safe. So the next time someone asks you the question, why does my dog sleep under my bed? Do tell them that it may be because their pet dog is overwhelmed and just needs some alone time. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and help them, try to calm your pet down, and make them feel as safe as possible.

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3. They Are Sick/Hurt

3. They are sick/hurt

Another reason why your dog may be hiding under the bed is to cope with unpleasant feelings. And since they don’t understand the reason behind feeling bad, being under their owner’s bed will give them a sense of comfort, and they feel safe and protected.

If you can’t seem to find any injuries or if you can’t figure out what’s bothering them, then you should take your little buddy to the vet as soon as possible. Because even though a dog hiding under the bed is normal, sometimes there may be a deeper reason behind why your dog loves to hang out under the bed so much. Some signs that indicate that your dog is in pain might include: Losing appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

4. They Don’t Want to Be Touched

4. They don't want to be touched

Even though dogs are affectionate and fun-loving, there are some times when they don’t want to be touched. Just like everyone else, dogs also love to have a little space of their own once in a while. So the next time you see your dog sleeping under a bed and ask yourself, why is my dog suddenly sleeping under the bed? Try not to disturb it and make sure to check on it in a while to make sure that your furry little friend is doing fine.

This may also happen if your house is crowded or if guests are visiting, your dog might get overwhelmed and hide under the bed in hopes of not being touched by any strangers, or in some cases, even their owners.

5. They Did or Found Something They Shouldn’t Have

5. They did or found something they shouldn't have

If you’re not already familiar with dog behavior, they’re curious little beings. They are curious about every little thing; from a penny to a new television, your dog will have the urge to interrogate that unusual thing it just found. If you own a dog, you must’ve noticed how your dog sniffs everything. It is because of the overall curiosity they have regarding their surroundings.

A major reason for why your dog may be hiding under the bed is if they found something that they know they weren’t supposed to find and they just want to interrogate that thing in peace, or on the other hand, if they did something that they know they’ll be getting in trouble for. So if someone asks you, why does my dog sleep under my bed? Don’t forget to tell them that there’s a slight chance their pet might have been naughty. 

Ending Note

Ending note

An important thing that you must remember along the way is that none of the above-mentioned reasons is the accurate answer to the question, why does my dog sleep under my bed? You never really know what your pet is going through, so if you notice any sudden changes in your dog’s behavior, or if you ever find yourself wondering, why is my dog suddenly sleeping under the bed? Make sure to take a trip to the vet, because better be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is It Okay to Let My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

A: Yes, it is totally fine to let your dog sleep under your bed, as long as you make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your little cuddle buddy and he’s completely healthy. If you see your dog doing the same thing often, you might want to call your vet ASAP and specifically ask, why does my dog sleep under my bed?

Q: Is It Okay to Let My Dog Sleep in My Bed?

A: Yes, there’s no problem with letting your dog sleep in your bed, but some people simply don’t like it. If you have a pet dog, you should consider it as a family member and treat it accordingly. In some cases, owners just like to keep their dogs well-trained so they don’t let these little cuties sleep in their beds.

Q: Should My Dog Sleep Alone?

A: It isn’t an absolute necessity but it’s completely normal for a dog to sleep on its own. Although, most dogs prefer to sleep in their owners’ bedroom since they feel safe there.